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We are devoted to building  bridges of education in order to promote cultural understanding and respect of diversity.  Our program participants are not just informed of global dilemmas, they become catalysts for change. This year's goals are;

  1. Implement educational program Digital City in rural orphanages.

  2. Provide donations in the form of scholarships, clothing, educational supplies & equipment.

  3. Devise new curriculum that cover basic technology skills.

  4. Continue fundraising for Living Center project and other educational programs.

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World Children's Day


ACTIVITIES 2002-2018

  • ACF contributed donations to UNICEF in support of two disaster relief efforts: for the 14 January 2002 volcanic eruption in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo and for the 27 January 2002 explosion disaster in Lagos, Federal Republic of the Nigeria.

  • ACF launched its first World Children's Day celebration.

  • ACF and the Catholic Archdiocese, Holy Trinity Parish in Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria in a move against HIV/AIDS formed a partnership marking the emergence of Parish Action Committee on Aids (P.A.C.A.) ACF initiated a partnership with the retired Peace Corps, Massachusetts chapter.

  • Devised new curriculum that cover basic business and technology skills.

  • Launched an aggressive found raising campaign and expanded donor base.

  • ACF awarded scholarships to 4 orphans in elementary and secondary schools in Nigeria as part of it’s on-going Literacy Program.

  • ACF lunched its first annual clothing and toy drive for Sub-Saran African Orphans.

  • ACF initiated a partnership with The Alliance for Children. The Alliance for Children, Inc is a non-profit international adoption agency based in Massachusetts, serving families throughout the USA.

  • ACF provided the Motherless Baby Home (Abuja Nigeria), Victory Motherless Baby’s Home (Abuja Nigeria), Poorest of the Poor Anawim Home (Abuja Nigeria), The Holy Family Orphanage (Abuja Nigeria) with the following: School supplies, Shoes, Clothing & Toys.


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