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The African Children’s Foundation  is dedicated to providing for the unmet health, housing, nutritional and educational needs of poor children from Sub-Saharan Africa. The Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable agency created to fund the most urgent needs of the most vulnerable inhabitants of one of the poorest regions on earth. The Foundation is currently involved in Nigeria and is planning stages to extend outreach to other African countries.


The African Children’s Foundation (ACF) is dedicated to educating the children of Africa. ACF sponsors basic educational programs for as many young orphans as resources permit. We offer scholarships for university tuition and trade schools. The foundation also furnishes various digital equipment, including computers and software. Our long term aim includes building new orphanages and improving existing facilities.


ACF is committed to helping children in Sub-Saharan Africa succeed in the Digital Age by supplying computers and training in computer skills to public schools.

In some towns, we are setting up "Digital City" computer centers in order to provide schoolchildren with computer access.

This program is intended to benefit African children primarily by:

(1) Ensuring that they have employable skills applicable to developed countries where computers.

(2) Bringing the educational and cultural advantages of the internet to the children of Sub-Saharan Africa.

(3) Making the education of children in Africa compatible with the demands of higher learning institutions of North America and Europe.

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